We are an agile independent storytelling studio with the capacity to accomplish big and bold advertising assignments.
We can act quickly and effectively by bringing experienced storytellers specifically chosen for each assignment.​​​​​​​
Since 1998 we have successfully worked on many significant local and international projects when working for some of the top creative agencies. Our work has been recognized by many institutions celebrating creativity and effectiveness such as Clio, D&AD, Effie, Epica, Golden Hammer, Golden Drum, Golden Watch, Luerzer's Archive, Nutcracker, The One Show, Red Dot Award, Shots, and others.​​​​​​​
Who we've written stories for?
Centrum Paraple, Ceská sporitelna, Havana Club, Jameson, KIA, Kooperativa, MetLife, Moser, Nationale–Nederlanden, Pernod Ricard, Peugeot, Pilsner Urquell, Profimed, Stezka korunami stromu and Vitana are some of the iconic brands we’ve been privileged to work with.
Our broad knowledge of brand building, strategic and conceptual skills, and deep understanding of the client's needs are major benefits when working on briefs.
Whether you need a transformational brand strategy or communications, to deepen your relationship with your customers, activate them, or attract new ones – we are ready to take your brief.
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