Centrum Paraple

The challenge was to provide a journey into the lives of people suffering from spinal cord injuries and in a natural way highlight the role that the Paraple Centre plays in their lives.
A spinal cord injury completely changes one's life, life priorities and values. It changes the rhythm of living, abilities and capacity of people and consequently also their perception of space and time. And that is why there needs to be someone, who knows how to prepare the disabled person for this change. To teach them how to function in their new circumstances.
The Paraple Centre is a facility that plays a key role in this new journey. Its experienced team becomes a guide to anyone wanting to cope with this traumatic situation, but most importantly for those wanting to learn to work with their new conditions and, within the limits of their abilities, to start functioning fully in this "new life". 
For more information please visit www.paraple.cz
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