The goal of our latest campaign for Erste Private Banking is to enhance trust in EPB by showcasing the bank’s commitment to actively helping clients realize their full potential—both personally and financially. This approach underlines the true added value of EPB's services.
Brand Role and Perception

Erste Private Banking is perceived as a full-fledged partner sharing the same values and worldview as its clients. The brand's role is to provide top-tier opportunities that help clients advance their wealth and fulfil their ambitious visions.

Campaign Strategy

Our communication strategy leverages the tagline "Budoucnost tvoříme spolu" to resonate deeply with our audience’s aspirations. We utilized a mix of print and outdoor advertising to reach our clients in their preferred environments, ensuring high visibility and impactful presentations.
Our design elements are sophisticated yet straightforward, reflecting the precision and dynamism our clients expect. The messaging consistently emphasizes partnership and progress, aligned with our clients' drive for excellence and growth.
With "We Create the Future Together," Erste Private Banking not only reassures its clients of its role in their financial strategies but also reinforces its commitment to growing alongside them, shaping a prosperous future for all involved.
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