Havana Club Especial 
Communication. Activation.

Havana Club is drinking mostly for men. The task was to create an umbrella idea and a brand symbol. One that will not only be based on the essence of the brand, but also can compete with the well established symbol of Captain Morgan.
A symbol that will be on the one hand relevant to the product, but at the same time attractive enough to activate a predominantly male part of the population. This is how Lady Kuba was born. She became a symbol of the Especial brand. A "cool" woman who doesn’t pretend anything, stands firmly on the ground, is mature and full of life. She knows what life is about, knows Havana and mainly she knows rum.
Our heroine is a representative of the world of Havana Club Especial and in the form of humorous mudding she represents not only the product, but also what Especial means in her eyes.

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