Kooperativa, once a fresh challenger in the insurance industry, evolved into one of the top two insurance giants, inadvertently shedding its image of innovation and agility. This transformation positioned Kooperativa in a challenging spot where growth seemed constrained, primarily threatened by smaller, more cost-effective competitors. The pivotal question emerged: How could Kooperativa not only sustain but also amplify its growth in such a saturated market?
Genius Idea
In life's array of twists and turns, having Kooperativa by your side is like having someone who values your peace of mind and well-being as much as you do.
When you suddenly find yourself in a precarious situation, it’s good to have someone who understands you, and above all… can help
Kooperativa harnessed the power of a multi-faceted media approach, leveraging out-of-home (OOH) alongside digital, print, and broadcast platforms to reignite its bond with the audience. Each medium, from billboards to online ads, was transformed into a storytelling canvas that resonated with the viewers' personal experiences and regional nuances. Tailoring messages for diverse contexts and communities, Kooperativa showcased a deep understanding of and empathy for its customers throughout the Czech Republic. This comprehensive strategy went beyond mere visibility; it was about demonstrating Kooperativa's commitment to being a supportive presence in the lives of its clients. By creating hundreds of these localized and contextually relevant motifs across various media, Kooperativa reaffirmed its role as a pivotal, empathetic figure in the Czech societal landscape.
And for all those moments there is Kooperativa with numerous emergency assistance.
Ad Recall
18% (2018) > 45% (2023)
30% (2018) > 49% (2023)
31% (2018) > 55% (2023)
12% (2018) > 18% (2023)
It’s good to know that someone’s got your back. Someone who cares as much as you do.
In an industry where giants struggle to grow, Kooperativa's results stand out, affirming the potency of OOH media. Data from Annalect's econometric model (Marketing Mix Modeling) showcases impressive growth attributed to OOH efforts: Car insurance saw an uptick of 4.8%, property insurance increased by 3.2%, and life insurance grew by 3.9%. These figures not only underline the effectiveness of Kooperativa's strategy but also highlight the brand's successful pivot from a market leader to a dynamic, empathetic brand that grows with its community.
For life as it is.
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