We take care of your worries​​​​​​​
This campaign aims to show that Kooperativa is changing the game and the whole story of insurance. Forget insurance as you know it, this is insurance as you need it. Through a comprehensive approach and offer of assistance services, Kooperativa proves that it really takes the concerns of its clients as its own - the campaign is an open commitment - that it is not only about insurance but mainly about care.

Upheavals always come completely unexpectedly. Surprised by the situation, you often ask for help from someone who can turn a bad day into the worst nightmare.
At the same time, you only need to turn to the right person. Kooperativa takes uncertain situations and turns them into manageable scenarios. Solves problems. Will find an unreachable plumber, help with alternative accommodation in the event of a flood from the neighbours or send a technician who will arrive at an impassable car within 45 minutes.
"We take care of your worries." This is not just a new promise, it is a new reality. Life gets pretty rough sometimes, and sooner or later insurance can come in handy for everyone. With Kooperativa, everyone is sure that they will be ready to handle such a dishonest intervention and get back in the game again.
The campaign aims to set a new standard for what insurance can and should do. With fourteen separate TV spots that will be deployed gradually, this is the most extensive campaign in the history of the Kooperativa brand.
The campaign started with TV spots and will gradually be supplemented with other media types, especially digital and the brand's typical ooh. For these formats, the marketing and creative team chose a solution revealing the data and facts associated with the service.
The goal is not only to highlight the individual attributes of comprehensive care but also to share the real experiences and attitudes of clients with the brand.
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