Life can sometimes be pretty surprizing. And exactly for those moments Kooperativa is here, Insurance for life as it is. As an expert on life and all kind of mishaps Kooperativa knows, that most of them are caused by real people and not just some higher forces or fate. Thanks to their un unconscious behaviour, distraction and often ignorance they get themselves and unfortunately even others into greater or lesser difficulties.
And this is exactly what the campaign They are out there is trying to draw attention to.
The motives are tailor made to reflect upon a specific place in order to deliver a preventive message and are related either to the placement of the media, to specific human behaviour or use dialect. By doing so Kooperativa showed that it's close to every Czech wherever they live. The number of motives has made the campaign the most precise and detailed in the Czech Republic. 
Thanks to its relevancy it increased not just brand efficiency, but the business results as well. 
Top of Mind + 4 p. b.
Brand Awareness + 5 p. b.
Consideration + 2 p. b.
Number of Insurance Offers across all distribution channels: 
Car Insurance = + 9 %,
Property Insurance = + 10 %
Life Insurance = + 6 %

Campaign has won Bronze Nutcracker in category Integrated campaign and Silver Nutcracker in category OOH.

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