Life can sometimes take you by surprise. And when you find yourself in a precarious situation, it‘s good to have someone with you who understands you and above all... can help. You are somewhere out there. And just for these moments, there is insurance from Kooperativa with numerous assistance services.
Increase in the number of insurance offers thanks to OOH over one year:

LIFE INSURANCE + 3,9 %​​​​​​​
The campaign aimed to strengthen the perception of the brand as a versatile helping hand in solving life‘s uncertain moments. It always pays to know that there is someone who has your back.
The concept 
They are out there. And that is why we are here. Kooperativa. For life, as it is. The basis of all Kooperativa campaigns is a deep understanding of the unpredictability of life. For more than twenty years, Kooperativa has been developing its unique language and style in OOH. They have become synonymous with the brand. This consistency is not just about visual identity but also about the persistent building of language culture.
Year after year we create around two hundred motifs. However, we work with the same topics, which need to be presented from new angles.
Fortunately, Czech is beautiful—one of the most colourful languages in the world. And we‘ve built this concept on its expressiveness. We rely on words and established phrases that not only describe emotions related to insurance events or concisely describe the state of affairs, but at the same time belong to the Golden Fund of the Czech language. 
These words are very diverse and, thanks to their colourfulness, allow us to have fun talking about the topics/benefits that are relatively dull or too technical. But the most important thing is that they are completely authentic/memorable and no one has ever used them in communication. And who else but Kooperativa could integrate them into their own culture?
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