Image Communication & Brand Experience
Moser, a brand steeped in rich history and craftsmanship, found itself adrift in modern times, lacking a distinct positioning or digital presence, and suffering from superficial communication. The challenge was clear: how could Moser rejuvenate its esteemed legacy and resonate with today's discerning consumers?
Genius Idea
"We are committed to refining space through our art, allowing those who appreciate it to experience a profound sense of excellence." This new positioning wasn't just a statement; it was a pledge to honour and elevate Czech cultural heritage on a global scale, showcasing Moser's artistry as not just a product, but a transformative experience.
Creating a strong emotional connection with customers means demonstrating the value Moser's creations bring to their lives. We engaged in a polished and meaningful dialogue with our audience, enabling them to connect with Moser's brand story and its emotional and functional values. Maintaining their trust required continuous care and attention, acknowledging that building relationships is a marathon, not a sprint.
Our comprehensive redesign focused on Moser's most crucial touchpoint – its website – integrating an e-commerce platform and launching an image campaign that portrayed Moser as a magician of transformation and wonder. We aimed to illustrate how Moser delves into the essence of elements and the universe, developing its talent to create masterpieces that transform and elevate individual and collective experiences, thus creating timeless value.
As a visionary and innovator, Moser seamlessly integrates diverse technologies and processes to realize its vision, achieving truly exceptional, uplifting, and contemplative moments. The journey of transformation begins within, leading to an external metamorphosis that can only be achieved from the inside out.
Moser's fascination with both the process and the outcome makes it an ideal intermediary and a charismatic storyteller, ensuring that all customer touchpoints reflect Moser's values, affirming the customer's choice as the right one.
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