Stezka korunami stromu
Awarded by the Czech Copywriters Club for the best copywriting
In an era dominated by digital diversions, captivating human interest for an amusement park that champions the serene embrace of the forest is a formidable challenge. "Stezka korunami stromu" competes not just with other entertainment venues but with the allure of psychotropic drugs, the immersive worlds of television and the internet, the escape offered by alcohol, and the simple appeal of laziness.
Genius Idea
Amidst our hectic lives, a walk through the forest emerges as a profound, almost miraculous panacea. This idea taps into an intrinsic human connection to nature, suggesting that amidst trees and tranquillity lies a potent form of healing and rejuvenation far removed from the chaos of modern life.
"Stezka korunami stromu" reimagines the forest experience through the lens of Japanese Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, which advocates for immersive nature experiences to foster wellbeing. However, this treetop trail transcends mere forest walks; it's an invitation to journey within, to explore personal realms of time, transition, and renewal. Visitors are encouraged to perceive the world through the unique perspectives of the forest's inhabitants, from the minutiae of an ant's existence to the lofty flight of a falcon. This campaign's mission was to highlight this unique trail as not just a walk but an exploration of nature's multifaceted dimensions and an encounter with one's inner self.
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