Stezka korunami stromů

The Treetop Trail / Stezka korunami stromů introduces
A slightly different forest
A walk through nature /a forest is probably the closest thing to a miracle cure that we have. But it has relentless competition. Psychotropic drugs, television / internet, alcohol, or just plain laziness. 
The Japanese call it forest bathing – SHINRIN – YOKU, which means: taking in the atmosphere of the forest. But the treetop trail is not just a walk in the woods. It is a journey into one‘s own inner realm. Our awareness of time passing, of transiency and the fact that from every end spring new beginnings. 
Experience the dimension of an ant, tree, or falcon through your own senses. 
Put simply, the treetop trail allows us to experience the forest in a slightly different way. That became the umbrella idea. The aim of the campaign was to bring attention to this exceptional excursion.

Campaign was awarded by Czech Copywriters Club for best copywriting

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