Product Activation​​​​​​​

In a playful way, to convince modern women for whom cooking is not a priority that Prima Cucina pasta and sauces inspired by traditional Italian recipes offer a real taste experience that is also very easy to prepare. They can thus devote their time to their family or to what interests them without the unnecessary feeling that they have cheated on anything.

Their motto is Carpe diem. They are carefree. They like to have fun and laugh. They are playful, they like imaginative products and solutions without unnecessary complications. They can't get bored and are always trying new things so they don't miss anything. But they do everything to the fullest, they are hedonists - they enjoy life to the fullest. They want to have fun and not worry. They are independent and don't like being dictated to. They are never alone and want to enjoy food in nice / cheerful company. With family or friends. On a busy day, they appreciate being able to easily prepare a full-flavored meal.

Single-minded proposition
Prima Cucina – true Italy on a plate

The Idea
When the word Italy is mentioned, each of us immediately imagines lively Italians discussing and especially gesticulating. And it is precisely the gestures that make the real Italy. They are emotions, they are shortcuts, they are often stronger than words. And most importantly... they can be seen!
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