Grilling season is a major event in the Czech Republic, much like Easter or Christmas, presenting a significant sales opportunity for Vitana's dry spices. However, the market is crowded with various products and brands all vying for consumer attention, from grills and equipment to drinks and pre-marinated meats. Vitana needed to stand out amidst this clutter with a unique, long-lasting campaign that could make it the go-to brand for grilling season.
Genius Idea
Barbecue is not rocket science, it's about being with friends, having a good and relaxed time and most importantly eating great food. So why take yourself too seriously? Mr Gorilla was born from a child's brain, "Let's go gorilla" and that's it. (Explanation – Barbecue – in Czech is Grilování – we added "O" a here we go – Gorilování.)
27.7 million CZK sales increase year on year – 185% greater than the goal 
5.8% p.p. increase in market share year on year – 260% greater than goal 
21% increase in sales year on year, with the same level of investment as in the previous year
Vitana introduced Mr. Gorilla, a distinctive and memorable character, to lead its campaign. This new mascot, akin to famous advertising icons like the Jolly Green Giant, became a symbol of fun and expertise in grilling. The character provided a consistent theme across all marketing channels, especially critical in-store, where it helped Vitana's products stand out. Additionally, the campaign extended beyond traditional settings, encouraging consumers to discover and rate public grilling spots, where Mr Gorilla could also make an appearance, thus creating a comprehensive and impactful marketing strategy that resonated with consumers and ensured Vitana's prominence throughout the grilling season.
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